"Raise Your Voice" lyrics


"Raise Your Voice"

Don't let anyone mess with you - If someone tries, you know what to do
Don't be scared, use your strength - Now it's time to ... fight back!
Show your feelings, show your hate - Now it's time to raise your voice
If they want to fight with you - Then it's time to ... attack!

[Chorus 2x:]
Stand strong - Stand proud
Stand strong - Raise your voice

[Chorus 2x]

Don't let anyone put you down and try to tell you what to do
It's time to show your own opinion, raise your voice and say ... 'Fuck you!'
Show them aggression, show them pain - Now it's time to show your gain
You got your pride, you got your strength - Now it's their time ... to lose!

[Chorus 2x]

...Raise your voice [4x]

Thanks to coopahhh for these lyrics

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