"A Song For You" lyrics


"A Song For You"

Boots'n'Braces - Short hair.
A lot of pride - Born to win.
Ben Sherman - Levi's jeans.
Dressed smart - Never give in.
Drinking beer - Have a fight.
It's a part - Of the night.
A way of life - Unity.
Fly the flag - For your country.

This song's for you
This song's for the Skinheads
This song's for you
Skinhead, Skinhead

[Chorus 3x]

Getting drunk - Have a laugh
Meet the Skins - Everywhere
Feeling love - Feeling hate
Feeling pride - For yourself
Never take - Any shit
Standing strong - In the end
Fight back - Fight hard
For your life - For your future

[Chorus 2x]

Skinhead, Skinhead
Skinhead, Skinhead
Skinhead, Skinhead
Skinhead, Skinhead

Thanks to coopahhh for these lyrics

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