"An Evening Of Extraordinary Circumstance" lyrics


"An Evening Of Extraordinary Circumstance"

Tonight I'll sit around pushing my shit down the drain
Using a plunger and a clothespin while I wrangle with the chain
Tonight I'll have potato chips
Watch my favorite shows
Then watch some infomercials
Then watch some TV snow

Tonight I'll have 9 or 10 beers
Tonight I'll talk on the telephone mindlessly until my ear
Burns from the feeling from the strain of active nothing
Tonight I'll avoid my hopes and fears

Tonight I'll play shitloads of video games
Tonight I'll decide too late to go get on the train
And play out my stupid, misguided version of fun
Tonight I'll get stupid fucking drunk
And be an idiot, ashamed of what I've done

Tonight I'll bang out another shitty song that's unsatisfying
It's been so fucking long
Since it really felt any other way
Tonight I'll crumple up these lyrics
And throw them away

Tonight I'll make promises I know I'll never keep
Tonight I'll talk on the telephone wishing I had the energy to sleep
Tonight I'll sit around and bitch
Tonight I'll get hungry staring at the mustard in my empty fridge

Maybe tomorrow I won't smoke no cigarettes
Maybe tomorrow I won't look back on tonight with vomit soaked regrets
Maybe tomorrow I won't drown myself in spite
Maybe tomorrow I could try
And tomorrow could be better than tonight

Sleep well and dream
Plastic pillows that give way to someplace green
Sleep well and dream

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