"Walk By" lyrics


"Walk By"

Rock and roll! Yeah! Oh! C'mon! Yeah! Oh! Let's go!
She walks down to the store at eight,
The devil walks with her and he thinks she's great,
When she looks at me, I don't know what I saw,
I think he's tryin' to make me his son in law

When she,
Walked by, walked by, walked by, she walked on by [x2]

Let's go! Yeah

Egos fly when she walks by,
She caught my eye on October 9th,
22 days before Halloween,
How did I know she'd be my evil queen,


My mother warned me against girls like you,
She said stay away from them son, you know they're not true,
All they're gonna do is put you under a spell
When you're fallin' down, you're going straight to hell

Let's go! Yeah! Oh! C'mon!

Walked by, walked by, walked by, I'm gonna walk on by [x2]
Let's go!
Walk on by
Walk on by
Walk on by
Walk on by

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