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album: "The Chronicles Of Life And Death" (2004)
1. Once Upon A Time: The Battle Of Life And Death
2. The Chronicles Of Life And Death
3. Walk Away (Maybe)
4. S.O.S.
5. I Just Wanna Live
6. Ghost Of You
7. Predictable
8. Secrets
9. The Truth
10. The World Is Black
11. Mountain
12. We Believe
13. It Wasn't Enough
14. In This World (Murder)
15. Falling Away / Track #15 from "Life Version"
15. Meet My Maker / Track #15 from "Death Version"
16. Wounded / Hidden Track
album: "The Young And The Hopeless" (2002)
1. A New Beginning / Instrumental
2. The Anthem
3. Lifestyles Of The Rich And Famous
4. Wondering
5. The Story Of My Old Man
6. Girls And Boys
7. My Bloody Valentine
8. Hold On
9. Riot Girl
10. Say Anything
11. The Day That I Die
12. The Young And The Hopeless
13. Emotionless
14. Moving On
other songs:
Anxiety / from "Greatest Remixes"
Can't Get You Out Of My Head
Can't Go On
Change / Acoustic Version
Christmas By The Phone
Complicated / Acoustic Version
Face The Strange / "Good Morning Revival" B-Side
Fight Song / from "Greatest Remixes"
Gravity Girl
Hey Dad
I Want Candy / from "Not Another Teen Movie" Soundtrack
I'm Down
If You Leave / from "Not Another Teen Movie" Soundtrack
Jealousy / "Good Morning Revival" B-Side
Let's Go
Los Angeles World Wide / from "Greatest Remixes"
Lost Cause
Makeshift Love
No Communication
Predictable / Japanese Version
Put Your Heads On My Shoulder / from "Not Another Teen Movie" Soundtrack
Story Of My Life / Live at CBGB
Superman Can't Walk
The Chronicles Of Life And Death / Acoustic Version
The Click / "Undergrads" TV Series Version
The Fish And The Wart
The Innocent
The Love
Time After Time / Early Version of "Say Anything"
War / from "Greatest Remixes"
What Do I Get?
You're Gone / "Good Morning Revival" B-Side

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