"Hymn Of Alcohol" lyrics


"Hymn Of Alcohol"

Is it a girls name? Or a boys name?
It is sweet and suits so shit the same!
Does it matter? It's just a name, right?
I can't feel or take it with me home tonight.
Want some feedback? I love your sweet rack!
You're so hot I will probably get a heart-attack.
Where you going? Well, it's okay.
I was gonna throw up anyway.

When did I fail? How did I fall?
I Try to remember but can't recall.
I've done it again. I've wasted it all.
I'm singing the hymn of alcohol.

Wake up later. In the gutter.
I got sexually harassed by the janitor.
What's that odor? I can't remember.
All I know is I smell just like a scavenger.
What a setback. It was the right track.
The last beer really hit me like a quarterback.
It was my call. It was my own fault.
That's what you get for too much alcohol.

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