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album: "Future Idiots" (2012)
1. Hangout With Grannies
2. Seven Of Nine
3. Never Surrender
4. I Still Got Porn
5. Girl Of My Nightmare
6. Christina Hendricks
7. I Love Katy Perry
8. My Condition
9. Hymn Of Alcohol
10. Failure
11. Tomorrow
12. What's It To You
13. Anya's Song
14. There For You
album: "Love & Murder" (2010)
1. Still The Same
2. A Lonely Rose
3. Cheating With Me
4. Hit-And-Run
5. The Boatman's Call
6. Fate Brought Us Here
7. Dead Mans Poem
8. My Endless Nightmare
9. Mad
10. Irony Heart
11. Target Of Chicanery
12. Tonight, The World!
13. When I'm Out To Save The World
14. Sweet Assassin
15. It's Over
16. Red-Handed

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