"...Said The Sapling To The Sun" lyrics


"...Said The Sapling To The Sun"

This landslide, it pulls me down
It sweeps me off my feet and plants me in the ground
The longer I'm tied to this post, the deeper my roots grow
My branches reach out pleading to be free

Come on, you're wasting daylight
(These flowers won't bloom if you wait any longer)
My love: will you take my hand?
'Cause I can't live without you

They say with love when you know you know
I gave you my heart
I promised you everything because I know you'd do the same for me

Yeah, you're the sun; you're my favorite season
But what happens when the air gets cold?
When I lose all my leaves and my limbs start to freeze
Will you keep me hanging on?
You're the sun you're my favorite season
So I know that when the air gets cold
Through the snow and the sleet you're my reason to be
Keep me alive 'til the Summer comes

We will survive this cold dark winter ahead before this hurricane
tears us apart to nourish the earth that held our prosperity.

I've been battered by wind and by rain
It's been so dark
Will you bring me the light again
So I can see all these things all of these things in front of me
That will try to break us
These are the storms that will make us stronger

You are the sun

We’ll keep the storms at the gate with the walls we built together
We’ll keep the storms far away with the walls we wield forever

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