"Penny Serenade" lyrics


"Penny Serenade"

I said it’s over; don’t talk to me
Because that’s what It comes down to
And I don’t want to listen to another damn word you have to say to me

(Just let go)
I think the moment you left
was the moment my life started making sense
(I've opened up my eyes--there's so much more)
I had to follow my heart--the only way to make my life feel whole again

I hope you understand that I have grown,
Being without you was hard, but I've learned to stand on my own

I hope you understand that
I have grown
I know that I’ll see you again, when we both have learned to be on our own
On our own, understand that I
Have shown you I wear my heart on my sleeve, and I won’t change
Because you make me, yeah, you make me somebody I wasn't before.

Now that you’re gone I have to face all my demons.
Why do they all remind me of you?
You matter to no one I doubt that they'll miss you.
Bear with me now; you'll know what comes next.
We are the mirror your lies will reflect, so run! Run away!
Because you'll never learn from your mistakes!

It was cursed from the start; the lies were more dependable than the truth
When it all fell apart I finally found myself again

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