"Luna Amante" lyrics


"Luna Amante"

Looking back at earth from a million miles away
You know you’ll see me again, again someday
But for now just stare at my constellation

Can’t you see me burning beyond the atmosphere?
Don’t you feel me yearning? I just wish you were here

Hurry up and do what it takes, I feel like I’m losing faith
I won’t rest till you decide
Go and leave it all behind--the family you hate and lies you were told to abide
Can I convince you that they‘re not going to miss you like I do

Like I do

When the stars align in the future and our zodiac signs are one
We can get married in space, without the human race discouraging what we’ve done

I’m drifting away into space
It’s been 20 years since I’ve seen your face, and I’ve come to understand nothing at all
I don’t know where I am, but I’m sure that where I am is paradise

Looking back at earth
From a million miles away
You know that you’ll see me again, again someday
But for now just stay away

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