"Lost In The Sea (Intimacy) Pt. II" lyrics


"Lost In The Sea (Intimacy) Pt. II"

This is my fate
This is the sea
This is where I want to be for the rest of my life
Treading unknown waters as the waves crash in my face
The tides pull me under
The surface is so far away
I feel a presence beneath me
Seems as if someone is watching over me
With knowing what lies ahead I hold my breath and close my eyes

I can hear her singing

If you want, I can take you to the bottom of the sea
(Without a submarine) the sea (you can live like me)
If you want I can teach you how to breathe like me
How to breathe like me, like me.

She's singing underwater to the tune of my despair
Loneliness is all she’s ever known
And it’s got her ensnared
The melody drowns my sorrows as the current pulls me in
Can you hear me singing?

Can you hear me up here? I’m singing along
I’d die trying to reach you
because it’s where I belong
Under the sea

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