"Grizzly Adams Monthly Shower" lyrics


"Grizzly Adams Monthly Shower"

Pick up the broken glass
It's broken inside you
The Shards resemble the truth
Those plagues you cast with that deadly stare,
Showered in a monthly process of lies and despair.
There's other things to say,
I'll bring you in closer.
Whisper inside your ear.
It's not the wind.
Now everybody, everybody come on.
Surround the witness.
Maybe she will tell me the truth this time.
I never found the words to say, it shouldn't matter anyway.
Give up the fiction.
Let go of that feeling.
I never found the words to say it shouldn't matter anyway.
I'll paint your portrait if it lasts.
I cannot pretend this dampens my spirit.
If I fall through with this prayer.
Broken inside of you.
The Shards of the past are you.
Pick up the broken glass.
The punishment, is the life that you have led.

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