"A Snake Will Say It Loves You" lyrics


"A Snake Will Say It Loves You"

Anxiety seeps out of my pores; insomnia takes over
(Can someone please clean the blood in my veins?)
Temptation lies within these walls; there’s no exit, I am confined
No matter how far I run, I can’t escape

I am broken; I’ve tried to forget what I’ve lost without all these drugs
But I need them by my side to get through the night--I can’t do this on my own.

I’m so gone--you’re all the same
Distinguish my arms and not my name
I’m sharpening the only thing that brings me hope
Reopening the scars--I don’t want them to heal

Where has all my medicine gone? My medicine gone? My medicine gone?
(I don’t want to feel anymore, where is my antidote?)
I’m slowly dying and there’s nothing you can do to bring me back
Bring me back! Bring me back!
(From this intoxicating nightmare)

And I’m hypnotizing anyone that tries to keep me from this drug
From this drug! From this drug!
(So they know I’m the victim not the cause)
Society sleeps while I’m awake in a cold sweat; my bones ache
Ignoring the signs, I’m out of time
I have nothing left!
This addiction has gone too far I can’t be saved.

I get the feeling I’ll never be satisfied
What will it take to just be happy again?
When everything’s perfect is it really worth it to come down from this high?
Should I sell my soul or make amends?
Should I try to be something that I'm not, and remember all the faith that I forgot?

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