"88 Keys, 10 Fingers, No Problem" lyrics


"88 Keys, 10 Fingers, No Problem"

You thought you knew everything,
but you don't even know who the fuck you really are.
God, we're the only fucking people with roofs above our heads.

Never follow me..
It's safe for me but don't you follow.
Don't fucking follow me..
Because after all I don't even know you.
God, don't even try,
To wash away my wash away my.
God, don't even try,
I've failed too many times.

Sometimes I get the feeling you think I'm shallow,
In Reality I am.
The pictures on the wall,
Will decifer the plan.

With a bullet in my head, and a noose around my neck.
You got me wrapped around your, wrapped around your finger.

Aren't we able? My heart is beating too fast for me to hear.

Baby, you got me wrapped around your finger.

Get the fuck up, get the fuck up, and cut this noose from my neck.

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