"The Smoking Song" lyrics


"The Smoking Song"

Heard it all before, don't want to hear no more about it
Chewing gum is aggravating me
And climbing walls don't suit me
Well I'm used to smoking 20 before lunchtime
I don't get up til 10 - what a drag, what a drag
What a 2 & 8 I'm in today, filling up the ashtray
In the mind there's no doubt about it
's best if I don't go out
Cos I'd substitute my patches for a box of
Safety matches and a fag. What a drag, what a drag, what a drag.

Heard it all before no need to tell me anymore
About the government health warnings
I'm still craving in the mornings
You could paper walls with what I cough up
In the early hours now and then
What a drag, what a drag
Extra strong and ultra low I've tried them all so I should know
That nothing beats a pack of 20 fags
They say I won't see 45 but at the moment I'm alive
Looking forward to another shag and a fag
What a drag.

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