"Cobra Skulls Lockdown" lyrics


"Cobra Skulls Lockdown"

I can see into your soul
You’re just a victim of mind control
You’re too scared to think for yourself
You’d rather back down to someone else
You think is so much smarter
They know what’s best for you
Now they’ve got you on lockdown

You’re on lockdown!
Afraid to try, afraid to be
Afraid to have you liberty
You’re on lockdown!

Don’t you try to break the mold
Just do what you’re fucking told
I know deep inside your heart is black
A heart attack, another heart attack
Is what you lack for a jumpstart jack
Turn your back if you could, but you can’t
Because they’ve got you on lockdown!

I can see through you, see past into you
I can see everything you own
All you own is a place from where you bleed
So I will let it go!

Thanks to Aaron for these lyrics

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