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EP: "Eagle Eyes" (2012)
1. Eagle Eyes
2. Internal War
3. Walk Away
album: "Agitations" (2011)
1. Six Degrees
2. Iron Lung
3. Now You Know
4. The Mess
5. On & On
6. All Drive
7. Drones
8. The Mockery
9. Solastalgia
10. The Minimum
11. Hiding
12. Running Out
13. Believe
EP: "Bringing The War Home" (2011)
1. Doomsday Parade
2. ICE In The Night
3. Hot Sand
4. Give You Nothing
5. Life In Vain
EP: "Never Be A Machine" (2008)
1. Never Be A Machine
2. Lost In Campaigns
3. The Streets Of Cairo (Cobralectric)
other songs:
Subterranean Homesick Blues / from "Under The Influence Vol. 6" Compilation

Punk rock
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