"Path Of Destruction" lyrics


"Path Of Destruction"

Are you proud to be a part of the force that tears life's fabric apart?
Do you feel no remorse at your little role?
Does a fear rest within at what time has in store for the ones who left
their roots behind and turned on the forces that gave them life?
A dischord has been created within Mother Earth,
In time to be exterminated as the laws of nature bring justice forth.

Path of Destruction
Path of Destruction
Path of Destruction
Path Of Destruction

With our gift of the intelligent mind, we misuse the power
use it as a knife that cuts the schism and bleeds the essence - life.
But with it too we will eventually die.
And for what? What is the purpose? Can it really be worth the consequences?
And for what? Tell me what is the purpose of our selfish indulgence?
Turn away from the path of destruction.
If there is a minute left for change we must then turn away from the path of destruction.
If there is a minute left for change then we must try!
Path of destruction.
The price is paid - irreversible decay.
Mankind's stain wiped away so that life can remain.
Payment for our crimes - witness the decline.
Just a matter of time.
The experiment has failed!
Somewhere down the back road behind the barbed wire,
hidden by trees it chokes,
a vile beast of smokestacks and fire.
Mass producing our chemical dependency then killing the junkies ever so slowly.
But for the masses our of sight is out of mind,
but several miles downstream that's where you will find...
Path of destruction.

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