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album: "Still Life" (1992)
1. Failsafe
2. Web Of War
3. No Hope
4. Pets Or Meat
5. Greedy Bastards
6. Ladies And Gentlemen
7. Path Of Destruction
8. Fears Himself
9. Take Your City Back
10. Progress?
11. Alien Race
12. Mohawk Revolt
13. Freedom At Last
EP: "End Of Time" (1989)
1. End Of Time
2. Big Brother In Your Bedroom
3. Elements Of Oppression
4. Factory
5. Tofu Burger
EP: "All Their Money Stinks Of Death" (1988)
1. Foreign Policy
2. Scream
3. Violent World
4. Salvation Or Annihilation
5. Flesh Of Another
6. Purple Haze

Crust punk
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