"Stivie" lyrics



He always looked too skinny
And he always seemed quite mad
Always acting rude and being wild
Learning the hard way about life
One day he said "I have to go"
Go Stivie, go!
Never said where but he had to go
Running around with girls
Fucked up!
Chetaing to his own luck
Fucked up!
I know he started a new life
He thought we´d never find out
But he couldn´t avoid trouble
Never learnt how to play his cards
One day he said "I have to go"
Go Stivie, go!
He was condemned to be a dead boy
Running around with cars
Fucked up!
Drinking to his own fate
Fucked up!
Trying to live too fast
Fucked up!
Didn´t have time to learn

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