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split: "Deadline (Leftover Crack/Citizen Fish)" (2007)
8. L.Ö.C. Intro (B.D.C.)
9. Baby Punchers
10. Genocidal Tendencies
11. ...And Out Comes The N-Bomb!
12. Life Causes Cancer
13. World War 4
14. Supermarket Song
15. Reason For Existence
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album: "Mediocre Generica" (2001)
1. Homeo-Apathy
2. Nazi White Trash
3. Atheist Anthem
4. The Good, The Bad & The Leftover Crack
5. Gay Rude Boys Unite
6. NC
7. Interlude
8. Stop The Insanity
9. Crack City Rockers
10. Burning In Water
11. With The Sickness
12. Born To Die
13. Gay Rude Boys Unite / Instrumental

Ska punk
Crust punk
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