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EP: "Manmade" (2015)
1. Manmade
2. Face To Face
3. World's Gone Mad
4. Paralysed
5. Manmade Dub / Instrumental
EP: "Dancing On Spikes" (2012)
1. Unemplode
2. H D Riot
3. Beyond Belief
4. Over
5. Write It All Down
6. It Can't Go On Forever
split: "Deadline (Leftover Crack/Citizen Fish)" (2007)
1. Working On The Inside
2. Money
3. Meltdown
4. Getting Used To It
5. Back To Square One
6. Join The Dots
7. Clear Channel (Fuck Off!)
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Alienation / from "Short Music For Short People" Compilation

Punk rock
Ska punk
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