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album: "Kings Of Pop" (2002)
1. Tomorrow
2. I Love You, Not!
3. Give It Up
4. Kiss Me, Diss Me
5. You're Not Alone
6. I'll Never Fall in Love
7. Second Best
8. Why Won't You Leave Me?
9. Cannot Stop the World
10. My Time Alone
11. Waiting On Me
12. Disaster
13. Break Me Down / Japanese Bonus Track
14. Hope Sinks / Japanese Bonus Track
split EP: "Connection (Home Grown/Limbeck)" (2000)
1. Promise Breaker
3. Single All The Way
5. She Don't Care
EP: "Phone Home" (1999)
1. Barbie Girl
2. This Way
3. Sixteen
4. Giving Up
5. No Way Out
other songs:
Christmas Crush
Feliz Navidad / from "Drive-Thru Christmas" Compilation
Nothing Can Stop Us

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