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album: "Take Off Your Colours" (2008)
1. The Truth Is A Terrible Thing
2. Gossip
3. Call That A Comeback
4. Jealous Minds Think Alike
5. Save It For The Bedroom
6. Take Off Your Colours
7. You've Made Your Bed
8. If You Run
9. Tigers And Sharks
10. If I Were In Your Shoes
11. Always Attract
12. Nasty Habits
13. The Rumour
14. Kiss And Tell / Deluxe Edition Bonus Track
15. Finders Keepers / Deluxe Edition Bonus Track
16. Sweet Feet / Deluxe Edition Bonus Track
17. All Your Fault / Deluxe Edition Bonus Track
18. Blue Eyes Don't Lie / Deluxe Edition Bonus Track
EP: "We Know What It Means To Be Alone" (2005)
1. Promise, Promise
2. New Jersey
3. This Turbulence Is Beautiful
4. Taste
5. The Liar And The Lighter
other songs:
Brother / from "Bite My Tongue" Single
Fact-tastic / from "Underdog" EP
Knew It Was You
Moon Child / from "Loverboy" Single
Poker Face
Rescue Me
Starry Eyed
Sugar We're Goin' Down
The Swarm

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