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album: "Third Strike" (1984)
1. Cross Dogs
2. Psycho Cop
3. Shadow Zone
4. Celebate
5. You've Got A Problem
6. At The Mountains Of Madness
7. Victors Of The Universe
8. Ticket To Moscow
9. Flaming Halos
10. Flipside
11. Wake Up Screaming
12. Festive Shapes
13. Over My Head
14. Overlords Of The Underworld
15. Middle Class Hell
16. There's A Place
17. Pieces Of Chris Trent
18. Millions Of Gay Cops / European Version (WFO) Only
19. Watcher Of The Skies / European Version (WFO) Only
20. Meteor Hour / European Version (WFO) Only
21. To Protect And Serve / European Version (WFO) Only
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Punk rock
Hardcore punk
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