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EP: "Out In The Rain" (2012)
1. Breaking My Heart
2. Keep Me Alive
3. Out In The Rain
EP: "Christmas Makes The Heart Grow Fonder (A Weatherstar Holiday Collection)" (2011)
1. It's Not Christmas Without You Here
2. Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)
3. I Won't Be Home For Christmas
4. A Silent Night Interlude
5. Silver Bells
6. Shake Up Christmas
7. White Christmas
single: "Closer" (2011)
1. Closer
2. Go / Acoustic
single: "Go" (2011)
1. Go
2. Give It Up
EP: "The Covers" (2011)
1. Hold It Against Me
2. Beauty In The Breakdown
3. The Best Of Me
4. Hands Down
single: "Crystal Ball" (2011)
1. Crystal Ball
2. Can't Get Away From You

Pop rock
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