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compilation: "Atticus ...Dragging The Lake III" (2005)
1.This Is The Part - GRATITUDE
2.Not Now - BLINK 182
3.Number Five With A Bullet - TAKING BACK SUNDAY
4.1000 Paper Cranes - MOTION CITY SOUNDTRACK
5.Grey Skies Turn Blue - MXPX
6.Bike Riders - LUCERO
8.Grand Theft Autumn (Where Is Your Boy) - FALL OUT BOY
9.Red Wedding - THE BLED
10.Dancing For Rain - RISE AGAINST
11.Part Of Your Body Is Made Out Of Rock - PIEBALD
12.Smile, You've Won - LYDIA
13.No Transitory - ALEXISONFIRE
14.She Drove Me To Daytime TV - FUNERAL FOR A FRIEND
15.Living In America (The Andy Wallace Mix) - THE SOUNDS
16.Bratcore - VCR
17.You'll Never Guess Who Died - THE KINISON
18.Bury Your Head - SAOSIN
19.Cover Up - NAME TAKEN
20.In Defense Of Dorchester - STREET DOGS
21.Cigarette - RECOVER
22.Until Morale Improves, The Beatings Will Continue - MURDER BY DEATH
23.This Time Is The Last Time - MAE
24.When The Night Feels My Song - BEDOUIN SOUNDCLASH
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