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album: "Lean Back In Anger" (2010)
1. Molokai
2. Better Day
3. Forever Jugend
4. Heads They Win, Tails You Lose
5. Protest Song
6. Invitation To Action
7. Absentee
8. Wake Up, Smell The Napalm!
9. The Real Ewe
10. Meanwhile In Zimbabwe
11. Government Subsidized Ghettos
12. Kill Yourself Or Be Killed
13. Solitary Hearts
14. The Bomb
15. Lean Back In Anger
16. We Rot
EP: "Black Beach Recordings" (2008)
1. Rise With The Tide
2. Living It For The Moment
3. Folkestone Trawlers
4. Bearer Of The Cross
EP: "We Shall Overcome" (1998)
1. The Dragon Bites
2. Brussels, Babylon
3. World On A Wall
4. I Shot Ray Bones
5. Violets In My Hand

Punk rock
Skate punk
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