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EP: "B-Sides & Rarities" (2011)
1. Adrenaline
2. Fight Or Flight
album: "Dancing With A Ghost" (2010)
1. Dancing With A Ghost
2. Spinning Out
3. Still Need You Around (Lost Without You)
4. Consider Me Dead
5. Losing Sleep
6. Friday Night
7. Somewhere I Belong
8. Days Go By
9. The Way
10. Stop Searching
11. Pieces / Hidden Track
12. Airwaves / Bonus Track
13. Wake Up / Japanese Bonus Track
album: "We All Need A Reason To Believe" (2008)
1. Better Be Prepared
2. Holiday
3. Where Did You Go?
4. Head In Hands
5. Carry On
6. All At Once
7. Safe To Say
8. Listen Up
9. I Can't See Myself
10. The Good Life
11. Free
12. Running Away / Bonus Track

Alternative rock
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