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split: "Let It Burn (Ataris/Useless ID)" (2000)
1. Too Bad You Don't Get It
2. Questions And Answers
3. Run
4. Time To Move On
5. Have A Nice Life
6. Lost Once Again
7. Not Too Late
8. Something
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album: "Dead's Not Punk" (1997)
1. Intro
2. Feeling Wrong
3. Confused
4. No Excuse
5. One Crazy Day
6. Room Of Anger
7. Is It Right
8. Don't Forget
9. Beatless Or Something
10. Stumbling
11. Letters
12. Perfect Life
13. Start All Over
14. To Live And Die For No One's Name
15. On My Own
16. Getting In The Way
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Not My Scene
Tour Song

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