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EP: "Wall Street" (2013)
1. Fake This
2. Sellin' My Soul
3. In Our Hands
EP: "Before The World Ends" (2012)
1. Veda / Intro
2. The Worst In Me
3. Skeletons
4. Revelation 6:17 / Instrumental
5. Flee The Scene
6. On Surviving
7. A World Outside
8. On The Scent Of Your Intent
EP: "The Rise" (2011)
1. Rise
2. Holding Back
EP: "The Awakening" (2011)
1. Actions
2. Iron Sights
EP: "Between The Walls And The Worlds That Sleep" (2008)
1. A Galaxy Untamed / Intro
2. The Genius Of Water
3. Small Space Between You And The Sun
4. Signals
5. The Will
EP: "The Upset Victory" (2007)
1. My Turn To Play The Villain
2. Keep Your Left Up
3. The Recovery Process
4. Bombs Away
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Slay Bells

Alternative rock
Punk rock
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