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album: "Here's To The Mourning" (2005)
1. Intro / Instrumental
2. Get Up
3. The Celebration Song
4. Because Of You
5. Lost Control
6. Save Me
7. I Like The Way
8. Slow Dance
9. She Says
10. Rejection's Cold
11. F.I.G.H.T.
12. Walrus
13. Machine / Hidden Track
album: "Unwritten Law" (1998)
1. Harmonic
2. Teenage Suicide
3. Sorry
4. California Sky
5. Cailin
6. Lonesome
7. Coffin Text
8. Holiday
9. Underground
10. Close Your Eyes
11. Before I Go
12. Genocide
13. 418
other songs:
Armageddon Singalong / from "Short Music For Short People" Compilation
Baby, Baby
Goody Two Shoes
Hit And Run Soundtrack
I Am The Man
Mean Girl Remix
Pyrotechnic Chant
Shoulda Known Better / from "The Hit List" Album
Take Me Away
Unwritten Christmas
Welcome To Oblivion / from "The Hit List" Album

Punk rock
Alternative rock
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