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album: "They're Only Chasing Safety" (2004)
1. Young And Aspiring
2. A Boy Brushed Red.... Living In Black And White
3. The Impact Of Reason
4. Reinventing Your Exit
5. The Blue Note / Instrumental
6. It's Dangerous Business Walking Out Your Front Door
7. Down, Set, Go
8. I Don't Feel Very Receptive Today
9. I'm Content With Losing
10. Some Will Seek Forgiveness, Others Escape
11. I've Got 10 Friends And A Crowbar That Says You Ain't Gonna Do Jack / Special edition only
12. The 80's Song / Special edition only
13. You're So Intricate / Special edition only
14. SmicTague / Special edition only, instrumental
album: "Cries Of The Past" (2000)
1. The Last
2. Walking Away
3. Giving Up Hurts The Most
4. And I Dreamt Of You
5. Cries Of The Past
album: "Act Of Depression" (1999)
1. Heart Of Stone
2. A Love So Pure
3. Burden In Your Hands
4. Innocence Stolen
5. Act Of Depression
6. Watch Me Die
other songs:
Sunburnt / from "Anthology: 1999–2013" Compilation
Unsound / from "Anthology: 1999–2013" Compilation
Wrapped Around Your Finger / from "¡Policia!: A Tribute to the Police" Compilation

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