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EP: "Word Sits Heavy" (2014)
1. Gasoline
2. Ceiling
3. For Your Sake
4. Word Sits Heavy
album: "How Your Influence Betrays You" (2011)
1. You Will Be Alone
2. Unwilling / Instrumental
3. The Crows Are Hungry
4. Pretend That Nothing Happened
5. Charm
6. Kono Yakusoku
7. When The Sky Starts Falling
8. River Runs Red
9. This Kind Of Silence
10. The Truth
11. How Your Influence Betrays You / Instrumental
12. Lock
13. You Still Have A Long Way To Go
14. Sympathy Is Never Considered Help
15. Reverend's Daughter
16. As Silent As Death
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Against The Ropes
Mulat Na Mata
Perfect Posture
Phoenix / "Ragnarok Online" Soundtrack

Indie rock
Alternative rock
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