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split EP: "Touché Amoré/The Casket Lottery" (2012)
1. Whale Belly
2. Unsatisfied
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album: "Parting The Sea Between Brightness And Me" (2011)
1. ~
2. Pathfinder
3. The Great Repetition
4. Art Official
5. Uppers/Downers
6. Crutch
7. Method Act
8. Face Ghost
9. Sesame
10. Wants/Needs
11. Condolences
12. Home Away From Here
13. Amends
split EP: "Searching For A Pulse/The Worth Of The World (Touché Amoré/La Dispute)" (2010)
1. I'll Get My Just Deserve
2. And I'll Deserve Just That
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split EP: "Touché Amoré/Make Do And Mend" (2010)
1. Smoke Signals
2. Hideaways
other songs:
Gravity, Metaphorically / from Split w/ Pianos Become The Teeth

Hardcore punk
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