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album: "Avoid All Sides" (2008)
Dancing On Your Grave
album: "Freedom Kills" (2003)
Civil War
Horror Visions
Punx Coalition
We're Not
album: "Anthems From The Alleyway" (1996)
1. Voice Of The Streets
2. Back To Our Roots
3. Complete Control
4. Boot Party
5. Riot 77
6. Be What You Want
7. Riot City 2
8. Not Anymore
9. Born To Lose
10. Baby, I Hate You
11. Crowd Control
12. Johnny
13. Lost Boy
14. 12 Ounce Pounders
album: "Pledge Of Defiance" (1994)
1. Babylon
2. What's Left For Us?
3. Fuck the System
4. Lives are Squandered
5. Gomer Pyle
6. Nightmares
7. Twisted Cross
8. Riot City
9. Racial Rupture
10. Pledge of Defiance
11. Suicide Mission
12. Initial Distrust
13. Systems Downfall (The U.S.A. Is Dead)

Street punk
Hardcore punk
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