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album: "On A Fine Spring Evening" (2008)
1. Katie At The Races
2. Teehans
3. The Unfamous Paula Spencer
4. The Rocky Road To Dublin
5. Whiskey Makes Me Crazy
6. St. Stephen's Day
7. 221B/The Sneaky Priest (The Gloria Scott) / Instrumental
8. Terry Obradaigh
9. A Fine Lass You Are
10. Breandan O Beachain
11. The Humors Of Glendart/Ingenish/On The Fly / Instrumental
12. Get Back
13. Hunger Strike/Harmony
14. Mercy
album: "Agony" (2007)
1. Never Enough
2. Pub And Culture
3. Shade
4. Did It All For You
5. The Sheep In The Boots / Instrumental
6. Not Forgotten
7. Siobhan
8. Traps And Ultimatums
9. Leopardstown Races
10. Claddagh
11. Where Ya Been Johnny?
12. Not Alone
13. Political Scum
14. Romany
15. Movin' On
16. The Nut House
17. Be
EP: "The First League Out From Land" (2001)
1. The First League Out From Land
2. Dicey Riley
3. Donegal Danny
4. Seven Cures
5. Rocking My Life Away

Celtic punk
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