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EP: "Swim" (2014)
(performed as Emily's Army)
1. Alien's Landing
2. High Wasted Shorts
3. Ammonia And Bleach
4. You Bit Me
album: "Lost At Seventeen" (2013)
(performed as Emily's Army)
1. Part Time Bum
2. Jamie
3. G├╝bermensch
4. Avenue
5. I Am The President
6. Kids Just Wanna Dance
7. Pathetic And In Love
8. On The Roof
9. The Rescuers
10. War
11. Rain
12. If Our Music Plays Again
13. 18 Years
14. Elephant
15. Digital Drugs
16. Lost At 17
album: "Don't Be A Dick" (2011)
(performed as Emily's Army)
1. Broadcast This
2. Strictly For The Birds
3. Asslete
4. Rom Drom
5. Little Face
6. Ho-lloween
7. West Coast
8. Statutory Brainrape
9. Burn Apollo
10. The Gutter
11. Regan MacNeil
12. I Wanna Be Remembered
13. Bad Cop
14. Loch Lomond
other songs:
Good Looks / from "The Thing That Ate Larry Livermore" Compilation
Goodbye, Felix
I Need To Be Fixed
In Loving Memory
Two Week Fling

Punk rock
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