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EP: "The Difference In Good And Bad Dreams" (2012)
(Performed as Daylight)
1. On The Way To Dad's
2. Hungry At A Funeral
3. Damp
4. In My Dreams
EP: "Dispirit" (2010)
(Performed as Daylight)
1. Selfish
2. Youth No More
3. Two Of A Kind
EP: "Sinking" (2009)
(Performed as Daylight)
1. Enough
2. The Best
3. You're Not My Father
4. Sinking
5. Seeing & Hearing
other songs:
Cursed / from "Mixed Signals" Compilation
Messed Up
Siblings / from "Off The Board: A Studio 4 Family" Compilation
Untitled / from Run for Cover Acoustic Series #3

Alternative rock
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