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album: "Chuck" (2004)
1. Intro
2. No Reason
3. We're All To Blame
4. Angels With Dirty Faces
5. Some Say
6. The Bitter End
7. Open Your Eyes
8. Slipping Away
9. I'm Not The One
10. Welcome To Hell
11. Pieces
12. There's No Solution
13. 88
14. Moron / Bonus Track
15. Noots / Bonus Track
16. Subject To Change / Bonus Track
album: "Half Hour Of Power" (2000)
1. Grab The Devil By The Horns And Fuck Him Up The Ass / Instrumental
2. Machine Gun
3. What I Believe
4. T. H. T.
5. Makes No Difference
6. Summer
7. 32 Ways To Die / Instrumental
8. Second Chance For Max Headroom
9. Dave's Possessed Hair / It's What We're All About
10. Ride The Chariot To The Devil / Instrumental
11. Another Time Around
other songs:
Another Thing Comin'
Get Back / "Chuck" B-Side
How You Remind Me
Killer Queen / from "Killer Queen: A Tribute To Queen"
Metallica Medley
Morning Glory
No Apologies / "Underclass Hero" B-Side
No Sleep 'Til Brooklyn
Take A Look At Yourself / "Underclass Hero" B-Side
That's Alright, Mama
Things I Want / from "Kevin and Bean: Swallow My Eggnog" Compilation
This Is Goodbye / "Underclass Hero" B-Side
Walk This Way
What We're All About / from "Spiderman" Soundtrack

Punk rock
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