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album: "Let's Be Friends... And Slay The Dragon Together" (2008)
1. Let's Be Friends
2. Girl's Got What I Want
3. Together
4. Polyester
5. Fire
6. Favorite Face
7. Unbelievable
8. Getting Down To Business
9. Villain
10. Took My Breath Away
11. Lucy
12. Don't Wanna Wait
13. Natasha / Hidden Track
EP: "Dance Like Nobody's Watching" (2006)
1. This Cherry
2. Hey DJ
3. Mean Girl
4. Come Back Home
5. Golden Touch
6. Bright Spring Morning
EP: "Suburban Legends" (2002)
1. Popular Demand
2. I Want More
3. Don Juan
4. Alternative Is Dead
5. Desperate
album: "Origin Edition" (1999)
1. Waikiki
2. Don Juan
3. Gummy Bears
4. Car 54
5. El Corona
6. Da Bomb!
7. Brian And Vince Experience
8. Me And You
9. Rose Tint My World
other songs:
Can't Take My Eyes Off You
Dancing Machine
On The Outside / from Oingo Boingo Tribute

Third wave ska
Ska punk
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