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single: "Rust Belt Nation" (2013)
1. Rust Belt Nation
2. Certain Fate
3. Eighteen For Life
single: "Crooked Drunken Sons" (2013)
1. Crooked Drunken Sons
2. I Got Drunk
3. We All Fall Apart
album: "Street Dogs" (2010)
1. Formation / Instrumental
2. Rattle And Roll
3. Up The Union
4. Punk Rock And Roll
5. The Shape Of Other Men
6. Yesterday
7. Too Much Information
8. Bobby Powers
9. In Stereo
10. Hang 'Em High
11. Ghosts
12. Harpo
13. 10 Wood Road
14. Portland
15. Freedom
16. Oh Father
17. Fighter
18. Poor, Poor Jimmy
19. Townie Boys / Bonus Track
other songs:
Broke Down Inside / from "Two Angry Kids" Single
Locked And Loaded
Mystery Box
One Of A Kind
Unions And The Law (Alternate Version) / from "Bands We Like 2" Compilation
War After The War

Punk rock
Celtic punk
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