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album: "Last Exit To Nowhere" (2013)
1. The Blissful Art Of Selling / Intro
2. Weapons Of Massive Distraction
3. Fighting The Odds
4. Faliure Is A Success
5. Keep Running
6. Revived And Alive
7. A Long Way To Go
8. Right Choice, Wrong Feeling
9. Over And Out
10. Sometime, Someday / Interlude
11. Last Exit To Nowhere
12. The Future Is Yours To Make
13. My Own Demise
14. No Place To Call Home
album: "Democracy Of Spreading Poverty" (2007)
1. Never Surrender
2. Had Your Chance
3. Democracy Of Spreading Poverty
4. Another Day
5. Safe Illusions
6. Sick Of This World
7. A Promise To Resist
8. Interlude
9. Stolen Days Of Innocence
10. Unchanging Story
11. Thousands Miles Away
12. Funk Da Place / Instrumental
13. Hopeless Fall
14. One Day Thought
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A Different Place To Be

Punk rock
Skate punk
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