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album: "Stuck On Repeat" (2010)
1. Heartbeat
2. A Little More Us
3. Tongue Tied
4. Me & You
5. Chemistry
6. Over It
7. Downtown
8. Back To The Future
9. Build Me Up Buttercup / iTunes Bonus Track
EP: "Stereo Skyline!" (2008)
1. Shake And Shout
2. Heartbeat
3. Five-Tens In Harlem
4. Uptown, Get Around
EP: "The Worst Case Scenario" (2006)
1. Caution! Girls
2. If These Walls Could Talk, You Would Be In So Much Trouble Right Now
3. Nothing To Lose
4. Better Beginnings Lead To Short-Handed Disasters
5. Making Out In The Boys Bathroom Isn't Half As Fun When They're All Talking Marriage

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