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EP: "Cloak And Dagger Club" (2002)
1. Are We Still Here
2. Maybe Someday
3. I Can't Hear You
4. Channel Search
5. Leaving Home
album: "Faster Crashes Harder" (2001)
1. 16:49 Army Time
2. Off To The Shoulder
3. Arbor Lane
4. Wishing Well
5. Track Five / Instrumental
6. Line Jumper
7. Don't Say I
8. Plastic Stars / Instrumental
9. First On A Long left
10. Sincerely, Empty
11. Spiral Staircase
other songs:
A Great False Hand / from Split w/ Don't Worry About It
It's Cold Out There / from "A Santa Cause: It's A Punk Rock Christmas 2" Compilation
Look To The Stars
The Yearbook Song

Alternative rock
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