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album: "Rock 'N' Roll" (2009)
1. Rock 'N' Roll
2. Nothing Left To Lose
3. Satisfied
4. Buy Buy Baby
5. Real Girl
6. Fight For Love
7. You Never Know What You Got Until It's Gone
8. Stay
9. I'm Not Okay
10. It's Too Late For Tomorrow
11. Lights / iTunes Exclusive Track #5
album: "Patiently Waiting" (2001)
(Performed as Fifth Season)
1. Trebleface
2. Monday Morning
3. Patiently Waiting
4. Losing Ground
5. Everything's Fine
6. Yesterday's Ocean
7. Covered Eyes
8. She
9. The Static
10. You And Me
11. Neverland
12. Choked
13. A Cold Road
14. Funkapuss

Alternative rock
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