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single: "Ten Thousand People" (2013)
1. Ten Thousand People
2. Demons From The Past
split: "2 Sides Of The Story (Skumdum/Hero Of Our Time)" (2008)
1. Proud Minority
2. Parasite
3. Best Of Endings
4. Resaca En Las Chabolas
5. Hopeless Case
6. In Times Like These
album: "Kågepunx, Folköl!" (2002)
1. Den Falska Verkligheten
2. Arbetsnarkoman
3. Evol Dorean
4. Kent Impotent
5. En Döende Demokrati
6. Agera
7. Dubbelmoral
8. Fotoalbumet
9. En Svunnen Tid
10. Meningslös Tro
11. Drömlandet
12. Your Decision
13. Dubbelmoral (Early Version)
14. Utan Svar
15. Utför Stupet
16. Mindre Värd
17. Massmord
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So Sorry!

Skate punk
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