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EP: "Transitions" (2010)
1. Sacrifice
2. Darling Harbour
3. Dancing On My Grave
4. Replace You / Acoustic
5. Wish
album: "A Shipwreck In The Sand" (2009)
1. A Great Fire
2. Vices
3. Broken Stars
4. American Dream
5. Their Lips Sink Ships
6. I Knew I Couldn't Trust You
7. Born Dead
8. A Shipwreck In The Sand
9. I Am The Arsonist
10. You're All I Have
11. We Are Not The World
12. A Hero Loses Everyday
13. The Tide Raises Every Ship
14. The End
15. Help! / iTunes Bonus Track
16. Go Your Own Way / iTunes Bonus Track
17. Three Miles Down / iTunes Bonus Track
18. Total Bummer / iTunes Bonus Track
other songs:
Apologize / from "Punk Goes Pop 2" Compilation
Massachusetts / Acoustic Version
Red Light Pledge / Version from "Punk Goes Acoustic 2" Compilation
Runaway / from "Punk Goes Pop 4" Compilation
Song To Woody
Stay Posi / from "Take Action! Vol. 10" Compilation

Hardcore punk
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