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split EP: "Man Overboard/Senses Fail" (2015)
3. All You Need Is Already Within You
4. Real Talk
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bonus EP: "Follow Your Bliss" (2012)
1. War Paint
2. Vines
3. Early Graves
4. Waves
album: "The Fire" (2010)
1. The Fire
2. Saint Anthony
3. New Year's Eve
4. Safe House
5. Coward
6. Landslide
7. Headed West
8. Lifeboats
9. Nero
10. Irish Eyes
11. Hold On
12. Ghost Town / iTunes Bonus Track
album: "Life Is Not A Waiting Room" (2008)
1. Fireworks At Dawn
2. Lungs Like Gallows
3. Garden State
4. Family Tradition
5. Wolves At The Door
6. Hair Of The Dog
7. Four Years
8. Ali For Cody
9. Yellow Angels
10. Chandelier
11. Map The Streets
12. Blackout
13. Life Is Not A Waiting Room / UK Bonus Track
14. DB Cooper / UK & iTunes Bonus Track
15. Coming Up Short / iTunes Bonus Track
album: "Still Searching" (2006)
1. The Rapture
2. Bonecrusher
3. Sick Or Sane (Fifty For A Twenty)
4. Can't Be Saved
5. Calling All Cars
6. Shark Attack
7. Still Searching
8. To All The Crowded Rooms
9. Lost And Found
10. Every Day Is A Struggle
11. All The Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues
12. Negative Space
13. The Priest And The Matador
14. Battle Hymn / Deluxe Edition Only
15. Champagne / Deluxe Edition Only
16. Stretch Your Legs To Coffin Length / Deluxe Edition Only
17. Mason's Revenge / Deluxe Edition Only
18. Cinco De Mayo / Deluxe Edition Only
19. Salvation / Deluxe Edition Only
other songs:
American Death / from "Let It Enfold You Deluxe Edition"
Bad Reputation / from "Bad News Bears" Soundtrack
Bastard Son
Hope Is Gone
Institutionalized / from "Tony Hawk's American Wasteland" Compilation
Suburban Heartache
The Martyr
The Past Is Proof / "Punisher: War Zone" Soundtrack

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