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album: "Faster Than The Speed Of Drunk" (2007)
1. Faster Than The Speed Of Drunk
2. 3 Chords And A Fuck You
3. Fired For A Living
4. Mini Suicide
5. It's Better If I Just Lie To You
6. Mom's Fucked Up
7. Freaks Like Us
8. That Kind Of Girl
9. Kill My Neighbors
10. Ramen And A 40
11. Troublemaker
12. Jerkin Off To You
13. Alien Girl
14. Viva La Lucha Libre
15. Don't Fuck With The Teenage Harlets
album: "Coming To Save The World" (2005)
Cemetary Pogo
Kick Your Daddy's Ass
album: "'Til Death" (2001)
1. 'Til Death
2. Wrecking Ball Of Sound
3. Sick Of Feeling Like Shit
4. Attention Deficit Dissorderly
5. I'm Gonna Get You So Laid
6. I Need Caffeine
7. My Sister Is A Tweaker
8. Do You Still Wanna Be My Girlfriend?
9. Double 'O' Summer
10. Chunk Lips
11. Art Rock Mother Fucker
12. Boner
13. Fuckin Zombies
14. Mil Mascaras
15. We Secrete You Suck
EP: "We Secrete You Suck" (1997)
1. Blast Off / Instrumental
2. We Secrete & You Suck
3. My Prom Date Was Gay
4. Baloney
5. Alien Girl
6. Prozac Boy
7. Tear It Down

Punk rock
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